Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So your on the cloud and you want to campaign

We're goin to upend the tradational Get out the Vote method to run the last days of a campaign, which in our 30 years of building yard signs, handing out lit, knocking on doors, while building list of names of potential voters is over.

The socialnetworking of the Intertubes is the biggest news and citizen are self reporting or publishing depends upon the story sure however what we know is that many, many, many of us will update our cloud about the what when and how we vote or don't.   Now this seemingly scattered groups of clouds will be brought into focus whether it be a large or small issues there is no where that the cloud is not already.

How it's called Collective Intelligence and the kids are doin it in all the cool labs and office basements and we're goin it here for campaigns,  And we are going to start in the Nation's Capital and elect some one ((((Vince Gray))) that is being outspent by a margine of 3 to 1.   We like to call it the and we'll have that site up and running ASAP.

This election we are going to use the Cloud with your help and change the way politics is actually done in the District of Columbia.

Get ready to Cloud the Vote.