Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Campaigns have learned a few lessons.

So far from what we can see the ruidmentry skills of using the cloud are starting to form in some of the political clouds.  The effort or cloud seeding ranges from have a presense to fully run cloud campaigns. we will use the following as the basis of our conversation about Cloud Campaigns.

Basic is the awareness to have the names and some activitiey on at least 5 social networking sites.

Skilled is the cross connection of personal socialmedia to campaign socialmedia and concerted effort  to engage the use of supporters cloud on this would be on.

 Advanced we don't have that yet.

We hope to capture them and look at what is working and what is not over the course of this blog.  If you know of efforts or a campaign in total #fail then let us know about it. Screen shots are great and video is better.

Cloud The Vote is an effort of the CloudCampaign.Co & Help Earth Foundation.  We support #Fairuse

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