Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Four 26 DC the experiment in SocMed meets Citizen 2.0

Having working on campaign since I was 16 years old, 1st race was District Judge in Dallas I attended a sign building and deployment party. And, it was from this first experience that the notion of a group coming together to help someone run for office became a blue print for my idea campaign to work on.

Since that time I have lived the life of a campaign hack right up till the General election in 2010 when I stood on the side line for the 1st time. Well not so much stood as twitted from it!

Sure you many not have seen my name in print, in my line of work that was not a good thing, you did see mine an others handiwork or found us at your door come election day ready with a van, cap or car pool to take you to vote.

I was part of the roving band of campaign hacks that in my opinion are the true force we need to deal with and bring to the light as they are the priest class that guards the gates and largely have determined who was going to get elected. If you don't have the right staff there is no hope.

However what I saw in 2010 in the DC general election gave me an idea which I tried to get the Gray campaign to take on and deploy with is this blog the twitter feed and youtube account for DConeCity. When the campaign online consultant dismissed the idea I said fine I run with it.

To that end we (the time line I follow make it what it is) have been a regular channel of information about DC, events, people and most importantly DC government. The need for a District wide campaign to raise 100s -millions of dollars is now over because the whole point of a campaign is to broad cast the message.

Well now social media is the broadcast medium and there is no huge CASH gateway to be on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube whatever. Besides today if a candidate, company or idea does not get advocates on socialmedia to do so for them. They are failing in social media which by the way is 100 percent on the Cloud.

In 2012 the number of advocates and their network of influence will be more important then the number of for profit mass media channels and we are seeing this germinate now in the Nation's capital with the campaign of Bryan Weaver the Social Media Citizen choice versus the Machine that i gladly left behind that is the rest of the other main candidates structures.

Cloud the Vote

Thursday, April 21, 2011

DC 1 City: Questions for DC At Large Candidates

DC 1 City: Questions for DC At Large Candidates: "Loading..."

Ah the rabble now dare pose questions. It's a turn of events